The GeoCanoas Project is a Geographic Information System (GIS) with a wide set of integrated tools based in location intelligence to provide services and information for the local administration and its citizens, available in a public web portal. In it, it is possible to issue a zoning certificate, make a prior consultation of the viability of enterprises, as well as provide maps and information related to the environment, education, urban development, economic development, transport and mobility, public safety, health and obtaining plants. allotments or zoning certificate available for download and printing.

In addition, it allows urban and environmental planning by public agents, providing information from various areas of public administration to city managers. The collection of information generated by the platform is available to the public, which allows the population to follow the works carried out in the municipality, the projects, the location of public equipment, value plan, history of satellite images, infrastructure, among others, giving thus more transparency to the municipal administration.


Access www.geo.canoas.rs.gov.br and know the platform

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Public Equipment

This tool shows the location of the various public facilities, distributed in intuitive tabs on the portal, being a widely used guide, available for citizens to locate or track public works.


This resource brings information for the planning and management of the environment in the municipality, with webmaps that cover water resources, permanent preservation areas, natural and urban parks, among others.


This tool shows the availability and location of the most important elements that make up the city's infrastructure, such as bicycle lanes, flood protection system, road network, gas pipelines, oil pipelines and fixed telephone towers in the city.

Urbanism and Housing

Reduces processes through online viability and zoning certificate, indicating the guidelines of the Urban and Environmental Master Plan. It also provides topography, land subdivisions and urban sprawl over the decades.



Child education

The kindergarten webmap allows decision making targeting places in municipal education through metrics.

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Cadastral Map

Shows the organization of the city in lots, allowing managers and citizens to have access to real estate information.

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Online Feasibility

Documents for citizens to access over the internet based on data from the geoprocessing system.

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Civil defense

The Civil Defense Webmap has information relevant to decision making in disaster situations.

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Image History

It allows citizens to travel back in time and compare current satellite images with aerials up to 45 years ago.

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Strategic tool for the supervision of actions and works, which provides data collected in the field and updated in real time.

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Road system

It provides information on the hierarchy of the municipal road network according to the 2015 Urban Urban Master Plan.

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Map Library

It offers several interactive and PDF thematic maps with different information for analysis of the conjuncture of the city and region.

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Planning a city for the future, in the face of population, economic growth and the demands of urban mobility and other areas, is a challenge for public managers. In this sense, Geocanoas presents itself as a tool of great strategic importance for decision making, generating accurate data and metrics that also aim to provide managers with relevant information. In this sense, Geocanoas presents itself as a collaborative platform that helps in the sustainable growth of the city, as well as offering citizens more transparency and agility in public services.